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    I am just wondering what you guys did to improve your css.

    I go on CodePen and look at what people have come up with and it’s amazing.

    To fully understand what they are doing, what did you guys do?

    Do you get a piece of paper and try to explain what is happening in the css and html? How do you read the code to make your own.

    I know this question is broad, but I would like to learn techniques of others that have improved.

    I’m self taught. I’m assuming a lot of you guys are as well.

    Steven Morgan

    It’s really looking at that code and seeing what it is doing. CodePen is great because you can manipulate it and see its result. I would have to reccomend watch Chris Coyier’s ‘The Lodge’ videos. They are very affordable and it will walk you through each bit of CSS if you don’t have any understanding of it.


    Frontend Masters has a course on CSS3 that’s recent. Nettuts has one called CSS3 mastery. I think it’s true — you just have to start coding and don’t stop.


    @Paulie_D although I get the point of

    His question is more about improving CSS. One can still built websites with crappy CSS code.

    @Jtwa11, if you want to improve your skills as a CSSer read following sources couple of times:

    It’s easy to get lost in complexity of a whole website. So instead of styling the whole page, try breaking things into modules. So for example you might want to just experiment styling contact form, or a button.

    Hope that helps,


    @Alen Sorry, just so you know, when you post 4 links or more in a post it goes immediately into a pending status. And sadly, the task of approving posts it quite arduous at the moment.

    I posted only two links to a discussion yesterday and maybe that went into moderation? The forum is very buggy sometimes actually. I haven’t seen any of my past posts that supposedly went into moderation. The forum is also really bad on an iPhone.


    When i start programming i’m always trying to make my code as clean as possible… so many people work vertical in there sheets, i normally work horizontal like…

    .wrapper{positon:relative; float:left; margin......}

    Just because i know i’m going to create a lot of code…..i also like to work in blocks… when i got a div in a div in a div in a div …etc i like to code it like this.

    .wrapper .blok1 {position:relative;}
    .wrapper .blok1 .blok2 {test test tsetsetset}
    .wrapper .blok1 .blok2 .blok3 {ablalblablalb etc etc}

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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