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    I’m stumped with this one. I have a contact page with pictures of each person next to their contact info. There’s 10 pictures altogether. In Firefox and Safari, they all display correctly. In IE6 and IE7, eight of them are broken and two of them work.

    The images are all the same dimensions (67 x 101). They display fine in Windows Explorer, complete with metadata (so, they don’t appear to be corrupt).

    I know the paths are correct, because if I copy the path from the broken image (right click > Properties) and paste it into IE’s address bar, it opens in Windows Picture & Fax Viewer (although curiously, the images that work display directly in the browser…if that means anything).

    The final twist – I downloaded the images from an existing site where they displayed correctly in IE. So all I did was save them to my computer, then link to them from within a local HTML file.

    Any ideas?


    Hmm try copying and pasting the image in a new photoshop document and save it as what ever file type you wish.

    Can you provide a link ?


    Ahh got it… I think :D

    Clear your cache and/ or temporary internet files. I remember some time ago I one of my computers had this problem.

    I have the problem with google images some time as well.. I click on the thumb to make it bigger and it ask’s me to open in Windows Fax and Pic view ^^ … us;Q260650

    Hope this helps

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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