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    Hey guys..!! Since am desperate, I have created this thread with hope, that may you can help me out with css because at the end I realise that my problem came out from non-correcting of my css files.. First of all, I use nginx server with php-fpm mysql database and vbulletin services (I mentioned that, because I don’t know if helps you or not). I have created also microchaching in the server and set proper the gzip to compress the HTML output of pages.. Now, If I try to make a load time test of the forum, and I realise that I had some problem that I should fixed::

    1.Serve static content from a cookieless domain
    2.Remove query strings from static resources

    with a google search I figure out that I should create a sub-domain and point all my non-cookies files like js,css,and images into the sub-domain. and redirect each php file to read the images (and any other file from sub-domain)

    another refer, came out from google that I can do with css file and load my backround images from css insted of html code. it can reduce time load and makes things better.. Now I am not a web designer or something, but I can really understand the basic of logics.. I am asking a good tutorial that I can achieve the images throw a css file.. The bad thing here, is that I can’t find anywhere on google, even on your website, there are so much tip, that makes, my purpose(searching) more and more difficult.. So please, if you have any good tutorial let me know.. thank you!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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