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    I have an image with dimensions of approx 2133 x 1600 (so it fills the entire screen with the image). It looks great on a desktop but on a mobile it takes approx 1/3 of the page (so the height is not tall enough).

    Im using Owl carousel but i cant determine how to increase the image on a phone? Or narrow down where the issue could be?



    Make a codepen of your issue. so we can try to debug it and help you.

    Ana Palmero

    They managed to do it ??
    How did it go?


    I cant do a codepen as i think its a little too complex but heres the site link. If you resize the browser you will see how the image is not full height for the phone version. – thanks


    I’m on mobile and I havent got a clue what to look at in your web page. It’s too complex. Too many distractions. Help us to help you by providing a reduced codepen demo – that is, just the HTML, CSS and JS pertinent to the carousel and issue you’re having.

    Unfortunately, folks won’t want to pick apart a full web page and codebase in order to troubleshoot on your behalf in a free help forum. You’ll attract more helpful responses if you make it easier for us to give you help; reduced code = smaller chunks to digest in our spare time. Codepen is also more inclusive of browsing device so mobile users can potentially help you too. Sadly, directing people to your live site requires a desktop computer and willingness to poke about in the developer toolbar.


    insert the reponsive meta tag in you header then every thing it must be on that device screen. I think got it.\


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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