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IE7 Problem Safari 3 & Firefox 3 Win Mac Fine

  • # May 22, 2009 at 6:32 am


    I have a simple page with rounded corners that shows up strange in IE7 (1st image)


    But shows up fine in Safari 3 & Firefox 3 on Windows or Mac.


    1) I am looking for help how I could get the margin left to show properly in IE7 (Flush left & up with picture above it)
    2) Try to to solve the rounded corners issue in the IE7 screenshot (1st image)

    Here is my css file:

    * { margin: 0; padding: 0; }
    body { background-color: #a8bdc6; background-image: url(bgofpage.gif); background-repeat: repeat-x repeat-y; font-size: 82.5%; font-family: Georgia, serif;}
    p { font-size:1.2em; color: #f4f8fb; }
    .floatLeft { float: left; }
    .floatRight { float: right; }
    .clear { clear: both; }
    .imagecenter { text-align: center; }

    div#page-wrap { width: 680px; margin-top: 75px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; }

    #dl_nav { font-size: 70%; text-align: center; }
    #dl_nav ul { list-style: none; margin: 0 0 0 0px; padding: 0; padding-top: .5em; }
    #dl_nav li { display: inline; }
    #dl_nav a:link, #dl_nav a:visited { padding: 0.4em 1em 0.4em 1em; color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #B51032; background-image: url(buttonbg1.gif); text-decoration: none; border: 1px solid #711515; }

    #dl_nav a:hover { color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #711515; background-image: url(buttonbg1.gif); }
    #videodirective { text-align: center; margin-bottom: 4px; }
    #menucenter { margin-left: 11px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 0px; background-color: black; width: 654px; min-height: 70px; }

    .mainbox { width: 678px; background: url(mainbox_vertmiddle.gif) center repeat-y; margin: 10px 0; }
    .mainbox .inside { padding: 0 20px; }


    < !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

    </p> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"/> <p> <!--[if lt IE 7]></p> <style> @import ""; </style> <p> < ![endif]--></p> <p> </head></p> <style> div.overlay { padding:40px; width:576px; display:none; background-image:url(/img2/white.png); }</p> <p>div.overlay div.close { background:url(/img2/close.png) no-repeat; position:absolute; top:2px; right:5px; width:35px; height:35px; cursor:pointer; }</p> <p>div.overlay a { height:450px; display:block; } </style> <p> <body></p> <div id="page-wrap"> <div class="mainbox"> <img src="mainbox_top.gif" alt="" width="678" height="10"/></p> <div class="imagecenter"> <p> <img src="couple.jpg" alt="" border="0" /> </p> <div id="menucenter"> <div id="videodirective"> <p> <img src="videodirective.gif" alt="videodirective" width="319" height="21"/> </div> <div id="dl_nav"> <!-- link up overlay --></p> <ul> <li><a href="#" rel="div.overlay" <p> title="" >Flash High</a></li> <li><a href=# rel="nofollow">High MP4</a></li> </ul> </p></div> </p></div> <div class="imagecenter"> </p> <p>Content</p> <p>Date</p> <p> <img src="logo.gif" alt="logo" width="655" height="36"/></p></div> <p> <img src="mainbox_bottom.gif" alt="mainbox_bottom" width="678" height="12"/></p></div> </p></div> <div id="footer"> footer </div> </p></div> <p></body><br /> </html></div> </div> <p>Thanks very much for taking a look *</p> <p>Jeff</p> </div><!-- .bbp-reply-content --> </div><!-- .reply --> </div> <div class="forums-module"> <div id="post-57959" class="bbp-reply-header"> <div class="bbp-meta"> <span class="bbp-admin-links"></span> </div><!-- .bbp-meta --> </div><!-- #post-57959 --> <div class="even bbp-parent-forum-22504 bbp-parent-topic-24919 bbp-reply-position-2 user-id-14635 topic-author post-57959 reply type-reply status-publish hentry"> <div class="bbp-reply-author"> <a href="" title="View med267's profile" class="bbp-author-avatar" rel="nofollow"><img alt='' src='' srcset=' 2x' class='avatar avatar-160 photo' height='160' width='160' /></a> </div><!-- .bbp-reply-author --> <div class="bbp-reply-content"> <div class="reply-name"> <a href="" title="View med267's profile" class="bbp-author-name" rel="nofollow">med267</a> </div> <div class="reply-date"> <a href="" title="Re: IE7 Problem Safari 3 & Firefox 3 Win Mac Fine" class="bbp-reply-permalink">#</a> May 22, 2009 at 7:09 am </div> <p>I guess in my first screenshot of my IE7 problem, it doesnt show very clear. (sorry)</p> <p>The #menucenter shows up in IE7 off center to the right & a small amount of pixels down from the 655 x 258 image above it. (I am trying to have it flush to the left & up flush to the large image above it.</p> </div><!-- .bbp-reply-content --> </div><!-- .reply --> </div> </li><!-- .bbp-body --> </ul><!-- #topic-24919-replies --> <div class="bbp-pagination"> <div class="bbp-pagination-count"> Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total) </div> <div class="bbp-pagination-links"> </div> </div> <div id="no-reply-24919" class="bbp-no-reply"> <div class="bbp-template-notice"> <p>You must be logged in to reply to this topic.</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> <aside class="grid-1-3"> <div class="module group"> <form name="loginform" id="loginform" action="" method="post" class="forums-login-form"> <h4>Log In</h4> <div class="login-username login-field"> <label for="user_login" class="screen-reader">Username</label> <input type="text" name="log" id="user_login" class="input" value="" size="20" placeholder="Username"> </div> <div class="login-password login-field"> <label for="user_pass" class="screen-reader">Password</label> <input type="password" name="pwd" id="user_pass" class="input" value="" size="20" placeholder="Password"> </div> <div class="login-remember login-field"> <label> <input name="rememberme" type="checkbox" id="rememberme" value="forever"> Remember Me </label> </div> <div class="login-submit"> <input type="hidden" name="redirect_to" value="/forums/"> <input type="submit" name="wp-submit" id="wp-submit" class="button" value="Log In"> </div> </form> <p> Forget you password? 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