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    Rob MacKay

    Ok so, Im a n00b when it comes to Javascript and the wonderful (which I keep meaning to learn) jquery… So I am going to ask you clever and wonderful people.

    I am looking to create a browser specific popup for people using IE6, that wont let them view the site unless they upgrade… maybe that sounds a little harsh… but IE6 is so bad, it needs flushing off the face of the planet.

    So im going to take a stand.

    My idea is to have a kind of lightbox effect, with a small bit of text and links to the IE7 updater and Firefox. If you connect to the site with IE6, you get the screen up enlightening you.

    Now im not looking for a finished solution, but if anyone could point me in the direction of code I could hack to make it work that would be great. I could do it with PHP I suppose, as an if statement at the top of the index… mmm if anyone has any ideas about that too… please speak up :)


    Rob MacKay

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    I got it workin guys :) No worries. My stand against IE6 Starts here! (if you have an IE6 installed, have a go lol)



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    real interesting stand for a customer oriented business to take – not!

    I really don’t understand how someone would want to do this if you value your ability
    to reach out to all web users, IE6 or not. why would you ever want to turn off a
    customer to your web screen for such a thing? are you trying to sell your business
    to any and all who may be interested in your product or not? as far as I am concerned,
    when you do something like this, you are telling me as a customer that you don’t want
    me unless I fit your criteria, then why would I bother to consider you for my purchases??

    does not the customer reign supreme or does the level of technologoy that I use dictate
    to me that I cannot be your customer easily? which is it and what should that tell us about
    what we need to do as web providers? IE6 may not be a desirable product to provide
    support for but it is a product that many people use for their own reasons and all the
    railings on this and any other tech forum is not going to change that very quickly.


    p.s. IE7/FF2 user, IE6 rarely


    Rob MacKay

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    Why can’t we just say no? Why do I have to spend hours of my life hacking IE6 to make it work when it soon going to be classed as a legacy browser? If anything we have fuelled the use of IE6 by bending to its ridiculous standards… So no more. If someone comes to my site now with IE6, the they might learn something – whether they come back or not. Education is essential.

    People who are using IE6 will be using it because they are on a system that can not be upgraded, as its sitting in a lab connected to some piece of obscure equipment. Otherwise they are people who hold illegal copies or Windows XP, or they just don’t know.

    Why can’t we stand up against MS? The majority of hits are IE7, FF, Opera, Safari… Chrome in its beta is a more stable option than IE6, as is Flock…

    90% of the people that come to the site wont see the screen, the 9.5% that do might learn something and benefit instead of putting up with IE6. The 0.5% that don’t have ANY option other than IE6, well that’s the sacrifice.

    On my own head be it I say! But for my own sites I’m not hacking IE6 anymore. I will let you know if my business has suffered for my boldness/stupidness (delete as required)

    Edit: I was sure I read something like this a while ago… … -ie-hacks/


    Chris Coyier

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    Rob MacKay

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    wow I must have missed that one! :) thanks Chris :)

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