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    I searched a little bit but i didnt find a topic for that. Anyways recently Google announced that they dropped support for Internet Explorer 6. (Read more here)

    I ask is there any point for me still support ie6 or not? How many of you still are supporting ie6?

    "Robskiwarrior" wrote:
    … if IE6 support is require it is at extra cost.

    That idea sound fare. I guess what ill do is if someone visites my site with ie6 ill provide a link for upgrade at the top of page.

    Edit: I looked if Internet had something to offer. Here is what i found:

    Nice trick to fool people


    I’ll pull mine straight from an Ubuntu Forums post I made some time ago:

    As for the "satisfy the customers" comment. I charge extra for IE. "Oh, you have horrible business" I have incredible business, in fact, I’m booked for the next four months. I tell them the straight truth: There are 3 other browsers, developed by large, reliable corporations, and theirs can display this better. I can write better features that are fully accessible better. They agree. Their end can save them money, or they can pony up the extra cash. The customers that I do get to switch to most are ones that are covered under Section 508 and DDA(UK). They say they want features X, Y, and Z. I say, I can do that for IE, but it will take Javascript, and not everything I do with Javascript will degrade well. They decide not to pony up the money at all. Many of them now have links on their pages for alternative browsers or encourage their users to install Chrome Frame. Those I do pro bono for never get IE treatment, I refuse to do it. Now, my websites look fine under the newer IE’s, but IE6 looks bad. I’m not fixing it, and most of my clients are ok with that. Those who aren’t either pony up the cash, or they find another web developer..

    That was also in an argument with a guy that said "Well, your page won’t degrade well into IE6 if you’re that bad of a web developer" essentially. I hope we can all see the irony. If you see any grammatical errors, I was off and on writing that, which always makes me screw up grammatically.


    One of my clients still gets a very strong 30% user base for IE6. It all depends on the client.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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