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  • # November 12, 2012 at 10:17 am

    Ok im doing my head in on this one, built a template for a website that is hosted on with properity template system ( if ya wanna read the doc’s).

    But the issue is, template in testing renders fine on IE 8 and 9 in ie 9 developer tools testing its defaulting to the latest page standards, but when the template is uploaded and pushed to live the site now renders using IE7 page standards even though IE 9 developer tools are listing the default IE 9 standards as page default, (and netrenderer is also displaying the site as rendering using IE7 standards).

    Any Idea’s? I’ve already checked things like Doctype, its using the standard html5 setup, and I’ve even chucked in the X-UA-Compatible meta tag set to IE=Edge for good measure and nada.
    site in question is []( “Tractor Guard UK”)

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