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    I have a site that I’m working on that looks great in all browsers except for IE8 and back. Unfortunately I clearly went about developing this site the wrong way and did very little browser testing early on. Anyway the point is this: I’m in between a rock and hard place right now trying to wrestle with hasLayout BS that frankly I don’t understand.

    I have two unordered lists that are “sub-menus” floated left and right above the masthead on my site. In IE 8 and 7 (i’m not worrying about 6) the

  • ‘s are stacking on top of eachother and aren’t displaying essentially in the inline-block style which i would like. (i’m not actually using display:inline-block)… I’ve set them to display:inline, I’ve tried display:block, floating them.. Its really making me pull my hair out.

    Actually, all of the unordered lists in my header are stacking and not displaying the way I want. I really need them to just be in a line..

    If anyone has any tips or if this sounds familiar please help because I feel like I’m developing ulcers


oh, IE also won’t stop bulleting my lists even though I’ve specified for it not to virtually every way I feel like i know how


Can you provide a link?

I seem to remember something like this working for me before.

ul li { display: inline; }
ul li a { float: left; }

yes i will post a link momentarily. I have to launch the site without support for these two browsers sadly.. a link will follow shortly.


Add this

li {
*display : inline;
*zoom : 1;

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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