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    I’m working on a new design for my company’s website, and I don’t really like what I have for the design of the home page and was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what I could differently.

    The thing I mainly dislike is how the slider looks full-screen on a wide-screen monitor. The images just don’t work very well in a short but very wide slider.

    link to home page

    For my company, the image slider is a must as is the three columns below it- so a full screen slider isn’t really an option. They want the user to be able to see the content in the three columns immediately, without needing to click or hover over anything. Maybe the three columns could float over a full-screen slider? would that look messy/be readable though? I dunno…

    Mikko Laine

    I also used to have problems with that kind of sliders… now I just try to avoid them.

    The site looks good.

    few little things that I would change:

    About that search button… why not just show the text input when there’s enough space?
    at the moment it requires 2 clicks to type whatever you wanted to search.

    the “read more”-link (in slider) is too close to the text styling. maybe make it a bit more clearer?

    Jando Jando

    Looks pretty neat and clear. It wasn’t immediatly clear to me that the People, Sulotions, Sustainability where buttons for a top menu, the links below look more like the main top menu to me..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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