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    … but I hate making things that are just for the sake of learning. I would much prefer to make something that somebody could use. So do you have any ideas. Maybe a cool web app or site you don’t know how to make, can’t be bothered to or just don’t have the time that will be a good way for me to learn, any size will do? Thanks

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    unfortunately it might be better to at least get some groundwork in first :)

    I found the best tutorial to lay some good foundations was by Jeff from Theme Forest. … eo-series/

    and the Regular expressions to go with the series that runs along side that one :)

    Other wise you will get really frustrated trying to start, and these tuts at least give you piratical examples to do :)

    – Rob

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    If you want something to develop in PHP, I would make a simple CMS. This will also get you working with MySQL Databases, and you can always expand and upgrade to image uploading, etc., etc.

    Coolest Spelling Error of the day:

    "Robskiwarrior" wrote:

    Defined: something that is useful to Pirates

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    Surely if you want something piratical you should make a bit torrent tracker site…. :roll:

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    Or an ecommerce sight for eye patches, wooden legs and parrots.

    Yo ho ho. ;)

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    thanks for the suggestions!

    I decided to go with a bittorrent cms where you can download torrents printable eyepatches!

    Thanks Robski…, I’d seen these great tuts before but I was lame and didn’t bookmark it so I lost it. Thanks for the link.

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