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    Am about to start a web project, i am fairly good with php and some necessary client side technologies i.e. css,js,html. I want to create a good looking web app however i have limited front end design skills.
    I am thinking of hiring a professional front end designer to help me with optimizing the look and feel of my app.

    I have never hired a designer before so i would like to know if hiring a designer would be a wise decision,
    I also want to know how exactly a designer would work with me, is he going to create the whole UI for me, or he will create some photoshop blueprints with detailed information on the UI components(padding,colors,button sizes) that i have to follow while creating my app.

    any suggestions and advice are greatly welcome.
    Thank you.


    It’s hard to give you a straight answer on this, as this depends on your wishes and demands, and the way you work.

    If you think you’re not good at designing, and you can’t do a good job, then yes, it would be wise to find someone who IS good at it. But how would they work with you? Who knows. That’s something you have to figure out between the two of you.

    Some designers create the whole UI. Others create just parts. Others come up with 5 proposed versions and you can pick. All designers are different, and their working methods are never the same.

    You’re going to have to figure out your budget, then talk to a few designers and see which one you think would give you best value for money.


    In order for me to design my site, I had obtained Adobe Creative Suite 6 through one of the colleges I attended. However, when I was looking to add some attribute to my site, I would perform a web search for websites that used that particular topic.

    It was a hit and miss; however, when I did find what I was looking for, I examined their source code to get a better feel for what I was looking for.

    My primary design goal was RWD; that is where I found Bootstrap; many rely on WP. Each of these have dozens of sites that allow you to review troubleshooting and other tutorials.

    I built my entire site for nothing (Adobe would have cost me if I had not attended college). I refer to W3schools a lot because they have good examples. My issue with the site is, sometimes it takes minutes to load their page, or the pages stalls.

    I mean if you really want to hire someone, I’ll take the job. We can negotiate prices. However, with the vast amounts of websites, there’s no reason to hire anyone.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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