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    Hey everyone,

    I’ve created a new website with some modifications to the Hybrid-News theme from Justin Tadlock. I wanted to create a unique look while trying to avoid the use of images (for faster loading).

    I would welcome any feedback on how this turned out. It’s my first time working with CSS and pretty much involved playing around with Firebug and not much else.

    Here’s the site:

    thnx :)


    I had some issues with how this site appears in IE. As far as I’m aware, it’s not possible to achieve rounded corners without graphics in IE. I think that the next version IE9 will resolve this issue.

    Anyways, constructive criticism would be appreciated.



    I don’t think your logo (a barcode) fits what you’re trying to do. It looks out of place.I’m also not a fan of the all caps navigation bar.

    I like the social icons in the right bar, though.



    I agree that the barcode does look out of place. The colors themselves for the banner are from a previous blog design. I used to have a gradient purple background and a green nav bar, so they made sense at that point.

    I only have Photoshop Elements–not to mention limited creative skills, but I should replace the banner graphic.


    Hi, since that is your first site, you are doing a good job.
    I recommend you to change the text color on your slider. Because when using black background it’s good to use a light gray for texts, like you did on the menu bar and footer of your page.
    I tested it on a Mac using Google Chrome, and it’s fine!


    Thnx OJ,

    It’s great to get feedback from a fresh set of eyes especially when they know more about CSS than I do.

    1. I’ve dropped the barcode logo in favor of a simple text logo with a graphic.
    2. I changed the font from white to grey(s) on the slider
    3. the only thing that I really want to change is the category posts at the bottom of the front page (Anti-aging, athletes, General Health…).

    I decided to drop the moz-border-radius outline, but still don’t love the look of this section. Any ideas on how I could style this element?

    thnx again everyone.


    I made a number of changes to the site over the past few days.

    1. I added a CSS gradient (no image) to header and footer.
    2. I changed the layout to 2 columns under slider by modifying the front-page.php file.
    3. Simplified the colors.
    4. changed tabs css.
    5. added a new header logo.

    I’m still looking for some ways to improve the appearance of the site. Anyone?


    Try to have some colors to show your website different than all your competitors, Like you can use Dark Blue Gradient in the background of the site etc.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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