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    I have used HTML5 video before, and I know how to use the different media types with a fallback to Youtube/Vimeo embed/iframe, but what if I don’t want an embed/iframe in IE, nor a .flv or .swf file. Is there another way to get the video to play in IE?

    Also, I know how to use the poster image for the beginning static image, but is there anyway to use a custom image at the end for it to end/stay on?

    My boss is dead set on using Flash to make .flvs for our client sites and I am trying to convince him we should be using HTML5 video instead, but these common tasks we need for our client sites which I don’t know how to control in HTML5 video. I can use jQuery custom controls, so that part is not a problem.


    Why not use flash as a fallback? h.264 is compatible with IE9. That’s as far as it goes, I believe.


    Well basically, because I need a “poster” image in front of the video before it is played, and a static image for the video to sit on in the end, after it is done playing, and I have tried for the past 3 days and cannot get Flash to do this for me, or else I would just export as .flv with controls and use this. It was several years ago I learned Flash and I just don’t get it anymore lol.


    Have you looked into using MediaElements.js?

    If that doesn’t help, I seem to remember, from somewhere, that IE will automatically open the windows media player when the user opens a “.wmv”. “.avi” or “.asf” file – but don’t quote me on this! LOL

    And maybe as a last resort, embed the swf and include some kind of javascript api that can replace the player with your ending static image – if you don’t have your own, I think JW Player has a pretty nice javascript API.


    Well I got a JS HTML5 player working using the same poster image for the beginning and ending image, so I can deal with this and work with a flv/swf/embed/iframe fallback for IE only I guess. (and maybe throw some small download links in for FF/Chrome/Safari :D)

    But lately, is it just me or does FF have issues playing HTML5 video lately? The video is playing fine in Chrome, Opera, Safari and as a .swf fallback in IE currently, but doesn’t play in FF?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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