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    I want a basic structure from which I can go to make a website. It is compatible with HTML5 and CSS3, and here I refer to the kit to reset styles.
    I would be very happy if you could tell me where to download such a model / structure, with all the necessary files and folders (images, fonts, etc.)

    Thank you!

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    There is no such thing as a “complete package” of what you’re after, because every website is different. You should search for the following information to put something together for you:
    – html5 elements
    – CSS framework
    – typography framework, or maybe starter, or something like this. There aren’t so many typography “frameworks” as there are CSS, some of the CSS frameworks may have typography you like.

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    Have a look at the HTML5 Boilerplate, it’s a good starting point most of the time.

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    There is also [HTML5 Mobile Boilerplate]( if you are specifically targeting mobile devices.

    Or are you thinking of a framework? Check out this article:

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