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    Hi. I’ve recently changed some HTML code to include a capcha 2nd tier verification in a squeeze page. The trouble is I used to have a re direct to a main site but it’s been lost in the code change. I’m slightly clueless as to what to code to make it work again. I need it to re direct after the capcha verification has been done so the prospect leaves their name and email, does the capcha to verify they are real and then automatically go to the main site (home page)
    Any best way to do this?
    Thanks J Morris


    Just so anyone can see the sites I’m on about (They are hosted on the same host package -hostgator) squeeze page
    main site to be re directed to once capcha step passed
    Hope that helps


    Handle it either in the handler of the form (the address where the form is posted to, don’t know what language is being used there) or check the result that is passed back by that address and if it passes your validation, you can use Javascript to redirect the user by using window.location = '/articles'.


    Hi JeroenR. Thanks for the reply. I believe all the page is built in HTML, do you want me to post the whole code up some place so you can see? I must admit to not being expert in coding language so can you explain in laymans terms. Check the result? how do I do that? Is the bit of code you mention at the end all that is needed to be added? If so, where in the code string do I add, at the bottom, under the code for the capcha etc or in the header. All I know is the page re directed before I changed the code to add the capcha and now it does not. Yeh, I’d love to be an expert but only brush with HTML on the odd occasion. CSS is just as vague to me, not into building sites from the ground up, just this page is a bit special to me for reasons I wont divulge.
    if you could help me further I’d really appreciate it.
    Sorry if I’m seeming a bit of a dud.


    Hi Johnmorris, normally in a case like this you could solve it by using the onsubmit event of the form. Like this:

    <form id="ic_signupform" onsubmit="redirectFunction()">
    function redirectFunction() {
      window.location = '/home';

    But I see your form is submitted to Maybe you have an account there where you configured this form? Then login and use the configuration, because I see the user is being redirected to /articles/how-to-train-your-dog-quickly-and-effectively/. There must be a setting where that redirect is placed.


    Hi again. You are so right. When I read your post it sort of clicked that I must have created the re direct before somehow, then I thought how I built the form in the I-Contact builder in the 1st place. then I remembered it was all done there (seems it had sort of slipped my mind, it has been a while since I did it). So I’ve been back over to I-contact and re did the process (seems it doesn’t do it automatically so you have to re do the form builder settings) then I’ve just tested it and it works so many, many thanks for making me remember. I could have done it over a week ago if I had just remembered.
    Thanks again,
    J M

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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