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    I followed the video tutorial about HTML email.
    I succesfully made an HTML email and I installed thunderburd (I use it with my hotmail account).
    I can insert the HTML and send it succesfully.

    I have however 2 problems:

    1.When you get the mail, the picture used is added as a Attachment and that looks really unprofessional.
    How can I get rid of that? (I open in hotmail, but other HTML email has pictures and no attachments)
    (the image is located on the web in photobucket)

    edit: There is no attacement in outlook, but there is in hotmail. I do not have any other medium to check.

    2. Tunderburd relocates all my email (in hotmail) to deleted, how can i stop that ?
    (I like to have most of my mail on the web)

    Can somebody please help me?


    Rob MacKay

    hmmm I have never had a problem with Thunderbird moving my mails to deleted… but I use gmail now, for pretty much everything lol

    for your HTML emails – yea unfortunatly I think thats down to the email application you are opening it in, some will display as attachments, some wont.

    hotmails pretty pants anyway tbh. lol

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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