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    Giu Tae Kim

    Hi. I really need information about the correct way to write JavaScript Constructors. The goal is to develop the logic behind a couple of UI components for a personal project.

    For example. I need to setup a Slider, and I want to call the slider like this:

    // Create frontpage Slider
    var front_slider = new pluginName(HTMLDOMobject,{options});

    Ok, until now I have created this stuff calling some function with the “new” tag:

    // Slider Constructor
    function pluginName(element,options) {
       // get other elements
       // events for elements
       // functions related to events
       // ... more logic

    OK. This works. But there is something that I really can’t get… why all others .js developers follow totally different ways to manage constructors. I have the strong feeling that my way of managing constructors is totally wrong.

    For example, I noticed that in general they wrap code inside an anonymous IIFE function, and in some point of the function they make an object return. Also I noticed the strong use of the prototype Object, and object literals for a lot of stuff. I’ve heard a lot about module patterns and inheritance but I can’t get how to implement that stuff in a practical way. Here I have and example of javascript plugins I see nowadays:

       var pluginName = function() {
          ... stuff
       pluginName.prototype = {
          ... methods
       return pluginName;

    I really want to master JS. I really want to understand the way to create efficent constructors, using prototype and a good plugin structure. I have search for javascript plugin boilerplates and templates but the only things I found were very confussing codes. Like this one:

    Please if you can give me a hand, info or some examples… I really aprecciate. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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