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    Hi all,
    I write a web which want to show part of an article folowings:
    Title:How to learn Chinese easily?
    Tag: Learn Chinese,Chinese language,learn language
    text: Many foreign students who learn Chinese in Shanghai are usually meet with the fact called national language of Shanghai,which is not widely spoken as imagined.Different cities different local dialects make more difficult to learn Chinese. But if you choose a Mandarin Morning Chinese school in shanghai you will learn mandarin very easily and efficiently,followings are tips:

    For example,if you just want to show title and tag,then what is the css?
    I really want to know how to achieve this kind of effect,if you know how to do that,please let me know.
    I am so appreciate!
    Many thx!


    CSS is for styling existing content, not determining it.

    There is a content property, but its purpose is different and it shouldn’t ever be used to create actual content on the website.

    > if you just want to show title and tag

    But, if you mean how to display only the title and tag parts of the already existing post/article, it’s done by display: none; property.

    That’s pointless anyways, as HugoGiraudel said below.

    Could you explain what do you have in mind?

    Kitty Giraudel

    Don’t output content that won’t ever be displayed: it’s useless. Make your backend code output only what you need.


    >Don’t output content that won’t ever be displayed: it’s useless. Make your backend code output only what you need.



    Hi guys,you will see this link : []( “Look right of blog”) the right of this blog is articles and you just see the part of article, when you click this title you will see another web or full articles. i want to see this, what can i do ?


    I hate when everything is quiet and music starts blaring from websites. I thought that nonsense was over.


    So, basically… Instead of displaying excerpts of articles you want to display full articles right away?


    No…I think he’s after a CMS /Blof Platform solution where the ‘blog’ entries on the main page have titles / subjects and excepts. Clicking the title takes you to the full article etc.


    Ah, right!

    Well, given that you already use a blog platform of some sort, there should be an option of showing only the excerpts, similar to WordPress or achieving that through modifying template’s JS like in Blogger.

    You could always use [Line Clampin’]( “Line Clampin'”), but it’s not *exactly* what you want and is generally poorly supported.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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