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    Sir i need

    The Page

    when you click read more over the image a box open but flash remain insert this
    How can i hide flash when click read more

    Plz help?

    [email protected] is my mail

    Chris Coyier

    Again I’m unlinking you as it seems like these posts might be just SEO building attempts.

    If not, make sure your flash embeds use wmode=transparent and anything that is supposed to be on top of them has at least position: relative and a higher z-index value than the flash object. Any lightbox plugin will already do the z-index thing, so just check the flash embed.


    wmode transparent or opaque


    As a note, anything with transparency in it, regardless of z-index level will automatically be kicked behind flash. I ran into this problem a while ago.


    Whilst trying to fix something similar, and becoming exasperated with my z-index tweaks, to get a flash based Soundcloud embed to stay behind a lightbox background, I found a way to fix the transparency related issue noahgelman mentions:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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