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    Hi im not sure im asking this in the right place, sorry if ive got it wrong !

    Ive made a website using html/css and i want to add a user area where the user can fill in an application form i want it to :

    -Have a login with a user name and password

    -An application form, the form might have to be awnsered in two or three sittings by the user so i would like to have a save function where they can save what they have done and log out and them come back to it later

    -the ability to upload documents / images as part of the application

    Im using dreamweaver cs5 on a mac. Am i right in thinking that you would do this in dreamweaver using php?

    How would you advise doing this ?



    That is a pretty complex undertaking if you’re a beginner (by asking what program and language to use I’m making the assumption that you are).

    The program you use doesn’t matter, that is purely personal preference. You’ll need to be using PHP and involve some database work if you’re looking to have logins and ability to save a form.

    Some basics:
    Login –
    File Upload –


    hmm i thought that might be the awnser “COMPLEX”.. but i think ill give it a shot!

    what is the technical phrase for saving a form so i can look it up ?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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