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    Hi guys

    I have built my own wordpress theme for a client, and would now like to integrate WooCommerce for the shopping cart.

    I was planning on using a wootheme for the cart, then customising it to match my current theme, however you cannot have two themes on wordpress. For some reason, I thought you were able to specify an individual theme for the shop, I know realise this is not the case, and also not logical anyway.

    My options seem to be this…

    1) Build the whole cart from scratch into my current theme (which seems quite daunting, not sure how easy this will be)

    2) Use a woocommerce theme, back up my current one, then start going into the new theme and changing it to match my backed-up theme.

    3) Any other way?

    Would love to hear some advice from someone that has worked with WooCommerce, and what the easiest way of integrating the plugin to an existing site would be.

    Thanks in advance.


    a tutorial on [youtube]( you wont need the first half thats for people really new to making websites.

    it has everything you need and is actually quite detailed


    Thanks for that.

    Yes very detailed but it’s more focused on actually setting up the shop as opposed to the actual development side of things. Plus he is using a WooTheme that supports WooCommerce. My question was how to use WooCommerce on an existing theme.


    Option 2 sounds like the best idea in that case.
    There is a plugin called [Page Theme]( but couldn’t say if it’s any use to you.


    After you install the plugin, you can just add a page called woocommerce.php to your wordpress theme and go from there, with the basic woocommerce css, or tell it not the load the css at all and start from scratch.. That’s the reason I love woocommerce so much, it drops right into your existing wordpress theme without a whole lot of hassel. There are docs on the woocommerce site on how to do the above, I can grab the links later if you are having trouble finding them.


    @unasAquila that is an interesting plugin which I may consider.

    I heard about this technique, but the example I saw the guy was using two separate wordpress sites (2 databases). This is not really a viable solution for me or my client I’m afraid.

    I believe you may be referring to this [link]( “link”)

    According to this, calling the woocommerce.php function doesn’t allow for using different templates. To be honest, I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing at this stage, as I may like the whole eCommerce side of the website to share the same template.

    I tried the hook functions in the link, which seem to work but I am not sure which page to edit for the shop index. Would I still need to create a woocommerce.php file, thats what I am unclear on.

    yes this is true but it still needs to be styled and integrated into my theme.


    @deeve007 it is more for me having control of certain elements.

    For example, with a blog, I can control how the blog is displayed, whether I display recent posts, archives, tags, etc all with php. I want to know which files I will have to edit to have this control for the shop.

    I also seem to be having another problem with the default layout. When I click on ‘add to cart’ for a test product, and then click on ‘view cart’, it displays a blank page, which is strange as the cart page is calling the correct short code. I will possibly download a woocommerce theme just to see how the structure is laid out.


    Yes!!! Thanks @deeve007 that is exactly what I was after.


    Hello! The questions asked by croydon86 are exactly the same as mine. I see on May 17, croydon86 thanks @deeve007 for information shared, but I see no entries or posts from @deeve007. What was your resolution to this, croydon86?


    Just got a notification from the above comment… yeah, why have my posts been removed, when it seems they certainly helped someone out?? Very strange…

    And sorry, don’t have time to re-read the thread at present, hopefully you find out the info you’re looking for. Cheers.


    Ugh. I have been researching this for weeks and can’t find anything but instructions for adding a Woocommerce store to a blog. I want to basically add purchase buttons and a shopping cart to an existing, finished web site. Is there a way for me to contact croydon86 directly? @croydon86 ?


    This is a very simple thing to do. All you do is install the plugin, which automatically created the Woocommerce pages. And then you can display things such as the shopping cart anywhere you want by editing the theme files, and added the cart code you can find easily enough via Googling.


    @deeve007 What plugin are you referring to here?


    The one this thread is about, Woocommerce.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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