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    I just started working at a company and they have a website that was partially completed by another designer and have hired me to complete and make changes to it. It seems that most of the website was created in WordPress, but some of it seems to be done by hand-coding in HTML & CSS.

    The website is at
    I do have access to their FTP, so I can transfer the files locally and are able to see them, but my issue is that I can’t tell in what files changes were made.
    For example, if you see the navigator bar at the top with the “Flights,” “Cruises,” etc, you can see that the previous designer added small icons next to the links. I know that if you go into Appearance—>Menus that you can add/edit the links on the menu and the images can be inserted from using the style.css file in WordPress. However, I am not sure in what file he was storing those actual images, so I can add new ones.

    Also, I’m having this issue on many pages, but for example on, when you go to the hotel-brands page in WordPress, I can see the first paragraph about Club Med, but I’m assuming the remaining paragraphs are not there and must be in a separate file linked to it. I tried to insert a banner above the first paragraph and it would not show up.

    From looking at the source code, would someone be able to know the answer to that? I’m still very new to WordPress and can’t say I’m an expert at HTML & CSS either at this point. Any information that someone could give me would be certainly much appreciated.

    Thank You!


    Thank you very much! That certainly helps quite a bit to my problems here.


    As for the hotel-brands page, when you go to that particular page until the Pages tab, all I see is…

    “Whether you’re looking for a tranquil tropical getaway or a place in the middle of it all, we can assist you in finding the perfect accommodation for your travels. Our professional travel agents have unlimited resources when it comes to finding accommodations. No matter what your specifications, whether it be a specific amenity or area of town, we will be able to assist you in finding the perfect place to stay while you enjoy your travels.

    We have partnered with the most recognized and prized resorts and hotels in the industry to provide you with the ultimate vacation experience at exceptional prices.”

    I’m assuming that he must have put the titles and the rest of the text in another file somewhere. I’ll keep searching around to see if I find anything.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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