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    I wasn’t sure where this should be posted so move as necessary (*Moved to CMS Section*). I see a lot of sites (like CSS Tricks) that have a blog set up on the left and ads on the right (Theme Forest, Kick Apps, etc) These all seem to have similar features. How can I set something up like these sites that has the blog feed (blog posts from design sites) and the ability to have ads?



    There are loads of CMSs/Blogging Softwares available out there which enable you to do that. CSS-Tricks uses WordPress. Its one of the best ;)


    Yep – I understand that. I was just wondering how to get the blog feeds into a site – I see a lot of site with the same blog entries on design for example. If you look at the sites:,,,,
    and so on, you’ll see the blog entries on the left and sponsors on the right. They all seem to be similar. Also, is there a way to get blog entries from other sites to feed into a blog (with appropriate credit of course) from different sources.
    I’m new at this so my question my be unclear


    Ok, now I understood your question :P
    Those ads are similar because they get those ads from a site called BuySellAds.

    To answer your second question i.e. to get blog feeds from other sites, you can use simple pie to do that.
    But let the master teach you that himself 8-) Here is a tutorial from Chris : Building a Better Blogroll: Dynamic Fun with SimplePie and jQuery

    Hope that I could be of help to you ;)


    That looks great – thank you. I’m just curious about the blog feed. Is that how other sites incorporate the feed or is there another method to display it? For example, if you look at this site you’ll see the list of blog entries – I’ve seen these on other sites as well. That’s the look that I am trying to achieve


    Which part are you referring to? The list of blog posts on the sidebar? If you are then you can display your own blog posts in a list by
    1.Either using a plug-in.
    2.By coding it in a template.


    Sorry about the confusion. I’m referring to the blog posts on the left side:
    40+ Techniques of JavaScript for Professional UI
    30+ Glittering Corel Draw Tips and Tutorials
    Complete Grunge Web Layout Tutorial in Photoshop

    … and so on.
    That’s what I’d like to do – incorporate blog posts from different sites into my site for visitors to read.

    Thanks for your help


    Ah.. Now I finally get it hehe.. hmm Well, you can still refer to the simple pie part of Chris’s tutorial. Then go to the simple pie website read their documentation, and then just use it to call and display the posts of different websites via their feeds. Rather than just displaying the headings, you can access the content too and style them to look like blog posts on the left column of your page :) You now get the basic idea. You have to just work hard and do a bit of research to implement it ;)


    Will do – thanks for leading me in the right direction


    You are most welcome.. do share the site with us once its done :D

    Chris Coyier

    To get blog posts on your site, you "write them" and then "publish them". Not to sound like a cheeky bastard, but I’m not super interested in sharing how to build a site where you can steal other sites content and post them on your own site with ads.


    I have no intention to ‘steal other sites content’. As I stated in my second post – I would give credit to the author. I may be mistaken but it seemed to me that there are sites out there that take ‘feeds’ from other sites to make their sites more informative to their visitors. That was my intent. I must be looking at this incorrectly. I’ve scrapped the project. Thank you for your help.


    oo.. I thought you wanted to make something like :| n chris is absolutely right :)


    ok – I’d like to try and clarify this. If you look at this url, you’ll see several posts that are from different sources:

    How to Create a 3D Leaf from a Texture Photograph from
    Firefish Photoshop from Tutorial
    Advanced Tutorial: Creating ‘Broken Link’ from

    and you’ll see ads on the right column.
    I must be missing something but it appears that these posts are written by other sources but are posted on this site. Can anyone tell me if these posts were written by or are they from other sources? It seems that they did not write them but they did publish them with links to the appropriate site. These are informative tutorials. That’s all I was looking to do – wasn’t trying to rip anyone off.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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