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    I`ve just completed a one website page on WordPress but my content is a little too far to the left side…how can get it more to the center.

    I have tried youtube, insert a code in additional CSS but nothing has work right yet…

    Can someone guide me step as to how to do this?

    my URL is


    Firstly, your .wrap div is centered so the problem lies elsewhere.

    Then you are floating the contents of that div…I’m not sure why.

    Remove the floats /widths from your header .entry-header and .entry-content divs and that centers everything.

    Finally, you really need to sort out that background image on load.


    Hi Paulie,

    I`ve been at this stuff for years but never really learned how to actually build a website successfully.

    So I`m not completely knowledgeable in this area, .wrap? div? floating the contents? entry header? entry-content? (you really need to sort out that background image on load.)

    I have no idea what these are referring to, I was assuming that WP would be a little more user-friendly than back in the day when I was trying to understand HTML


    Then, respectfully, you’re running before you’ve learned to crawl.

    If you don’t know floats or even the actual HTML structure of your site all the advice in the world probably won’t help.

    It sounds to me as though to you might prefer a site builder system that’s drag & drop like WIX or something similar but WP customations really requires that you know how to customise it.


    a one website page on WordPress

    A one page website?

    If I’ve interpreted that correctly, using WordPress for a one page website seems a bit overkill… but it could make for the perfect, ‘build it yourself’ project where you can learn the basics of HTML and CSS. Try for a no-fuss approach.


    You are using twenty seventeen theme, and your content is centered. The thing is that name of your page occupies some space on the left and till the end of a page that space remains empty, so visually it seems like your page is off the grid. And I agree with @Paulie_D and @Beverleyh , you can’t run if you don’t crawl first.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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