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    I have a page and I wanted to change height:100%; to height:auto; when the page height passes 100%, so the height will be adjust by the content.



    I’m not sure what you are asking.

    Firstly. all pages height (absent other setting) is defined by the height of the content.

    If you want the minimum height to be 100%, THAT you can do.

    However, without any details of your current HTML & CSS it’s hard to provide further help.

    A very brief demo in would be helpful just showing the basic outline HTML and relevant CSS.


    this is a picture showing the problem:

    look at the border

    the contents is getting out of the


    div style=’height:100%;border:1px solid gray’>

    I meant, if the page height is more than height:100%; then change the height to height:auto; so the contents height fit in.


    Like Paulie said: use min-height:100%; instead.

    If the content is less than 100% high, the block will be set at 100%. If it’s more than that, it will have an auto height.

    But if you insist of having inline styles and switching out height:100%; to height:auto;, you’re gonna have to use some Javascript or jQuery.


    See a div with a min-height of 100% –

    Full it with a bunch of content –

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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