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  • # March 18, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Hey hi , guys..

    I have ” this tires shop website ” . but how I filter the tires is a Mess….

    Let me explain…

    I use Category Posts to Filter the Auto Brand… and then Posts to filter sub-brands of the Auto Brands, and inside I use Metaboxes to declare the Wheele sizes (155/55 R17).

    Now In jigoshop Product Post Type, I add the Tire and a Tag that contain the Wheele size.

    > Entires

    > Category : Acura

    > Post: MDX

    > Metabox: 155/55 R18

    > Jigoshop

    > Category: Products

    > Post: 235/65 R17 LKL78 V RF

    > Tag: 235/65 R17

    But The problem here is that when I’m traying to select a auto sub-brand looks horrible… It must be a better way to achive this.

    take a look of this process:

    here you can select the Auto Brand:

    Any idea to improve this improvised filtering??

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