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    Leonard Heldt


    I recently started web design and got out of the “positioning” stages as I’d like to call the time in which CSS doesn’t make any sense yet. :D I realized quickly Web Design is far more than positioning and I decided to learn about the color theory, color schmemes etc. I followed the theories to create some palettes. I am well aware that I will not be creating beautiful colour schemes right in the beginning, but I feel like I am missing something. Even though I give my best, they always turn out to look like absolute garbage.

    Do you guys have any books / courses, posts, tipps or whatever I could use to improve? I use the website to create them btw.



    I’ve always found it a process with a lot of trial and error… colours are just weird in a way – change one and the others will look differently as well. My own preference for a general scheme is to not use a too vibrant palette, a bit of grey makes them usually match more easily.


    Leonard, I’ve used the application you linked to and I found it to be alright. I think it gets into the weeds too much and I found myself spending more time trying to configure all of the dials and such and end up worse than I started. One app I found for modern color scheme generation is:

    Might want to give it a look. It’s much simpler and easy to use, I think. Minimalist design is hot right now with a pastel color scheme. You can pretty easily make some beautiful designs using some simple techniques.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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