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    Hello. I got 1 problem. And i hope u will help me :). I need to css this web site, and i think i should do it using the floats. I tryed to did it once, everything was ok, but the website was fixed size, so its bad for me, becouse i wanna use CMS. I need to repeat content image y. Look at this mock up and if you know how to css this with floats plz help me. Thanks ;)



    It sounds like you want a liquid design (expandable), which I think you’ve indicated by using term "fixed". This appears to be a 3 column, header, footer, liquid design. You could use percentages for widths left-sidebar float left, right-sidebar float right, and main content area.

    If you’re not sure how to write the code, there’re some good examples at


    Chirs, you asked so much questions, so I decided to make a mock-up web page and host it on the web, so you can see it "alife" now. I uploaded Html/css codes and maked the another jpeg mockup to show what i really want to do :). I hope everyone can understand what I want to do, and if you know how – help me :).
    So here is the test website adress: (I’ve hosted on my own domain adress)
    As I said there is the code examples, so i think you can undersant what i want to do:), so check it out and if you know where is the problem, help me plz ;)

    P.S the header stuff is okey, but the footer stuff is not :P

    P.S.S The content should reapeat-y (the #left-btm and the #right-btm should follow the content and repeat-y as the content is reapeating)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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