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    Hello. I got 1 problem. And i hope u will help me :). I need to css this web site, and i think i should do it using the floats. I tryed to did it once, everything was ok, but the website was fixed size, so its bad for me, becouse i wanna use CMS. I need to repeat content image y. Look at this mock up and if you know how to css this with floats plz help me. Thanks ;)


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    It sounds like you want a liquid design (expandable), which I think you’ve indicated by using term "fixed". This appears to be a 3 column, header, footer, liquid design. You could use percentages for widths left-sidebar float left, right-sidebar float right, and main content area.

    If you’re not sure how to write the code, there’re some good examples at

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    Yeah that link Laith posted looks like is has an example that might work for you:

    It’s really going to depend on what you want your main content area and sidebars to do though. Are they all of flexible width? Are the sidebars flexible and the main content area fixed? Are the sidebars fixed and the main content area flexible? No matter the case, you should be able to achieve it, and probably through fairly simple alterations to the template above.

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    Chirs, you asked so much questions, so I decided to make a mock-up web page and host it on the web, so you can see it "alife" now. I uploaded Html/css codes and maked the another jpeg mockup to show what i really want to do :). I hope everyone can understand what I want to do, and if you know how – help me :).
    So here is the test website adress: (I’ve hosted on my own domain adress)
    As I said there is the code examples, so i think you can undersant what i want to do:), so check it out and if you know where is the problem, help me plz ;)

    P.S the header stuff is okey, but the footer stuff is not :P

    P.S.S The content should reapeat-y (the #left-btm and the #right-btm should follow the content and repeat-y as the content is reapeating)

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