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    How much effort do you guys use nowadays to deal with the awesomeness of people using browsers that are beyond old?

    Two years ago, I felt alright using alternate stylesheets but nowadays I feel like it’s unnecessary for the most part. Even if something looks a bit ugly in IE8, it still works.

    However, sometimes it’s needed as things in CSS3 won’t display properly and actually isn’t clear as to what the element is when using transitions or something like opacity on pseudo-elements.

    So, what is the gameplan lately for anyone who cares to share?


    As long as the site is functional in IE8, we’re good with that. We don’t open up anything in less than that. Now that some of the ‘big guys’ have dropped support for IE8 we’re slowly killing it off, too.


    Same — there’s probably a long list of extras that don’t work in IE8, but as long as it’s not obviously broken it’s fine. I’m not looking to ignore it anytime soon, though; it still has around an 8% usage (that’s close to double the share of all versions of iOS combined).


    is that true??? Seems so hard to believe!

    On this topic of usage-stats, where do you guys go to get yours?


    IMO, it is time to stop worrying about browsers. Instead, feature test and respond accordingly.


    I would only focus on those browser versions if your statistics show that you need to support it. My site shows about 16% use IE8. I wasn’t planning on focusing on those users but maybe I could gradually optimize it over time. But by then it would be pointless.


    Great talk here:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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