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    I love the jQuery tabbed box that chris has on the front page of css tricks along the right.

    he has 4 tabs that have different articles in them, and i was wondering how this works?! :roll:

    i am not asking to be spoon-fed as i do try to work things out myself a lot, but i am a bit lost.

    what i really want to know, is how is it pulling in the articles? are the articles given a special category and if so how is the menu pulling in the content from each category?

    also what tabbed jquery table would you use? i understand there are loads around, but i am having dificulty understanding how they are being populated by the articles in each tab.

    if you guys could shed some light on this one i would be VERY GRATEFUL and love you forever!



    A sample of those tabs are in the "Freebies" section – here’s a link for you to download and play with.


    hey thanks a lot for the reply! what an excellent answer you gave me. it properly answered my questions and has inspired me to use it.

    thanks a lot.

    i thought that it was pulling the articles through dynamically some way but i guess they are just coded links that chris set up.

    thanks again, i really appreciate it :D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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