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    Hola ladies and gentleman. Just a quick question – how do y’all get paid? Where I work I get a percentage of each project I develop/design. Was curious as to how other places do it.


    Ohh great topic- been hoping to read about this more…

    so I’ll chime in: Salary… I maintain approx 50 web sites and launch 10-12 new per year…


    I’ve never heard of the percentage way before. How is the percentage calculated? Is it based on the time you put in or does it vary depending on the type of work you did for the project?

    My answer to your question is that I’m paid a bi-weekly salary.


    I have an advertising agency with my brother.
    30% of the earnings goes to the office.
    70% goes to us. Whoever works the most gets 45% it’s usually me because I’m the graphic designer he is the marketing guy (25%).


    At my full time job I’m paid hourly.

    In my freelancing projects I get a deposit before starting work and then get paid at each milestone that I set out in the project’s scope/timeline/contract.


    Freelance work: I get paid on a per project basis. If it is a complete site or design and development then I get an initial down and payments at each milestone I set in the contract with the project’s scope. On a design change or site maintenance or update I charge hourly and wait to host the updates until I receive my payment.

    Full-time employer: Salary, (underpaid) bi-weekly lol. I maintain approximately ~100 websites (only about 15-20 need constant changes each month) and design and develop on average 1 new small business site a week.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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