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    hello guys

    i made a design for a website wich will be filled with pictures of plants …

    this is how it should look

    now the thing that is keeping me busy, is how do i make this work
    for every resolution, starting from 800*600 ….

    i want all visitors to see the bottom of the grass …
    and depending on theyr resolution, they will see less or much sky …
    also i want them to always see the plant in the midlle of theyr screen.

    the top navigation is flash, with a transparent background …
    i always want that part at the top …

    and then the 6 gray boxes, are the thumbs of the plant-pics.
    the plant itself is a png image, so the plant will change when the thumbs are clicked.

    so the problem is, when people are on 800*600, the nav, thumbs and plant will not fit on the screen. so is it possible to make those 3 scale themself when the screen resolution is not high enough?
    also i need some help on the css on this … ive been struggling whole day, but cant find how to make this up …

    any help, or push is the right direction is very appreciated, also a tutorial or a template wich looks like this, is very welcome

    so much thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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