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    Hello good people,

    Long story a little shorter.

    I’ve been creating WordPress sites for 10+ years now but I’m definitely leaving that area behind and I’m going to switch to a Static Site Generator / JAMstack or Serverless – what it’s called today over at Netlify.

    CodeKit has always been my Go to app with it came to creating WP sites. CSS, JS, optimising images and Live browser refresh are so wonderful to have without Command Lines and what not. I really like the CodeKit app.

    I’ve tried Jekyll a few months, it’s okay, I really like the Liquid Template langue developed by Shopify inside Jekyll. Thats rocks and is very easy to pick up on.

    Something I like totally don’t like is that my CodeKit app has become completely useless when working with Jekyll. I simply can’t let them play nice together.
    Is there any way to make CodeKit great again – next to a Static Site gen. ??


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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