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    On my site ( the sidebar text is blue and when you hover over it, it turns white with a pink block around it. – How can I get this for the post titles too?

    I’ve played around with the CSS and have got the text to turn white and pink when you hover but I can’t get rid of the green block around it normally, and change the colour of the text.


    Links and widgets have it done how I want but not the titles. I want the page menu at the top to remain the same, I would only like to change the post titles to match the links.

    I tried the /* */ although this only changed the size of the post title.


    The green background on your titles comes from the following statement in the CSS:

    .post .title a {
      background-color: #92CE0C;

    (style.css line 472).

    The color of the title text comes from line 259,
    a {
    color: #0090fe;

    The best way to change it is to create a child theme for fancy (your WP theme) and put in overrides. But if you don’t intend to ever update your theme, you can simply change these lines of code. Learn about creating child themes at

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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