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    My question is quite simple:

    You have an ad for SITE5 hosting company. Their offers look fine.

    Do you believe there are a good choice.

    I had a lot of problems with ( a reseller ) and I’m with Yahoo hosting which is very limitative.

    I would like to switch to the best host possible ( stable and good service )

    Camille Jolicoeur (Canada)


    I use MediaTemple right now. It’s expensive, yes, but I have about 8 different websites working on the one account, so it comes down in price there. I like their customer service a lot as well.

    I also have a couple GoDaddy accounts, I find that their servers almost never go down, could just be my luck though.

    I’ve heard good things about bluehost and 1and1.


    I use bluehost for my hosting. I like it, the price is resonable except for the fact that you have to pay annually up front. I’ve heard good things about site 5.


    If you just want to play around with stuff a bit try

    They’re free and seem to do the job

    PHP, MySQL, a cPanel included


    I use Godaddy, there features are almost unlimited. I’ve not ran into anything I cannot do. For about 6 bucks a month you can get 200gigs, 1.5 tera. transfer, 25mysql databases. Also the back-end admin part is very nice.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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