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    Ok, so i’m fairly new to the world of web design, and even less familiar with the horrors of I.E 6 from a development perspective.

    I’m sure to many of the seasoned web veterans out there, this is quite an obvious problem, so a simple 2 minutes of your time would be greatly welcomed.

    Ok, so we all know about the awful I.E 6 transparent PNG problem, and i’ve tried a few scripts/methods that seem to work well in terms of getting the opacity to display, but on a couple of the sites i’m testing it on, after the PNG(s) are ‘fixed’, they suddenly shrink in size or become very disproportionate in terms of their dimensions.

    I’ve done a bit of a search, but it’s yielded no response. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance



    Yeah, it would help if you could provide an example link.

    I am guessing that you have used a javascript png fix. I used to do the same but I ran into similar problems. Try using the .htc png fixes instead


    Hi guys, thanks for the responses.

    Jamy – I tried the HTC fix, and it’s kinda worked. When i first visit my website (online) the png’s on the first page render fine, but then every page i click after that they fail to render, any ideas?

    Also, had a bit of a thought about why the previous pngfix.js wasn’t rendering properly, could it have been because i haven’t specified img dimensions in some of my HTML?

    Thanks again



    Did you paste the code into your css file or your html page? Read the iepngfix.html page again, it is important that you get the path correct.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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