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    I’m in an introductory HTML and CSS class so my question is probably very elementary. Here is my code:

    Meat Toppings

    The png’s are circles. The first is a full circle, the next only has the right half shaded, etc.
    The radio buttons beneath the png’s do not line up horizontally with the png’s (Yes, the radio buttons are on a different row, but they’re not in the same column)

    Does anyone know how I can fix this? We’re allowed to use any help we can get our hands on, so I’m counting on y’all!



    Ok, I don’t know why it didn’t put my code in my question, so here’s try #2:

            <legend>Meat Toppings</legend>
                <img src="rb_full.png" alt="" />
                <img src="rb_left.png" alt="" />
                <img src="rb_right.png" alt="" />
                <img src="rb_none.png" alt="" />


    Argh! What am I doing wrong in this forum? How do I get my code to post???



    Seems you din’t use the backticks required but we usually prefer code to be shown to us using rather than just dropped into a forum post.

    When you have completed the Codepen demo you can copy the link and paste it here.

    This is especially true as you did not provide any CSS nor are there any buttons or inputs in the code provided.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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