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    I’ve been scratching my head for days now with this. Would somebody be so kind to take a look at my problem, please?

    Link to test site

    Steps to repeat error:

    1. Click “projects” link to navigate to “projects” section
    2. Visit any project single page – e.g. Cheshire Arts House
    3. Navigate to “contact” section
    4. Navigate to any other section

    This is where the issue occurs. As soon as I hover over the content within a section, I’m jumped back to the section I originally navigated to (step 3) from the single project page.

    This only occurs in Safari. I’m stumped. I can give full access to the code if anyone is familiar with this annoyance. Javascript used is scrollTo.js and a window resize function.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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