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    I’m trying to start my first website, which is powered by WordPress. I found a theme I liked and added a dropdown menu below my header image. The problem is my menu items are all skewed to the left and there is no spacing between each of the menu item titles. My navigation menu looks like a complete mess. All the letters are pushed to the left of the bar, and it’s just a string of letters pushed up against each other. I’ve played around with spacing, margins, and widths, but nothing I do changes the appearance of my navigation menu. Does anyone have any ideas about what I’m doing wrong? I’m new to CSS and this is my first attempt at customizing my own site. Any advice or tips would be helpful. I’ve tried looking it up, but all I find are menu plugins to download, and none of those seem to remedy my problems.


    # August 12, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    Well, I guess I should axe out the last inquiry. I was messing with the code in the stylesheet and theme last night, and the entire thing ended up being deleted. First my navigation menu disappeared, and then my header image was gone too. I ended up finding another theme I wanted to work with, but I haven’t touched it yet. It’s the "vina" theme, available on WordPress.
    Here’s what the theme looks like:

    These are the things I want to either change or add to the theme:

    1) In the top navigation bar,above the header image, where it says "home," "about," and "parent page," I would like to change the titles displayed on the bar and add additional titles (links) to the bar. Instead of being three links, on the left side, there would be at least half a dozen links lining the entire top bar.

    2) I want to delete "just another blog" from the header image and replace it with a phrase of my own.

    3) On the bottom right hand side where it says "blogroll," I want to change the title to say "links" instead, and I would like to replace the links that are under it and insert my own links.

    4) In the navigation bar below the header image, I would like to use this area for tags.

    I’m going to try to redo this and get it right this time. If anyone has any tips or advice about the things I’m trying to do, or can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. I haven’t touched it or made any changes to it yet, so basically I am starting with the theme I mentioned earlier.


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