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    Hey guys, hopefully I am missing something really obvious here…

    I am redesigning my current portfolio site, and have came across something strange. I have two pages, both using the same CSS styling. One page uses the ‘supersized’ plugin, whilst the other is using ‘videojs’ plugin.

    Now if you load both pages in separate tabs, click on the ‘DETAILS’ tab below on both to bring up the info, and flick between them; the font looks different (almost like one is in bold).

    This occurs in both chrome and safari, but not in firefox. I am using a Mac OSX. I also tried it on my friends windows 7 pc and it looks fine.

    I am guessing one of the plugins is making a change to how it looks, but when looking at the live CSS code it looks identical.

    Any help is much appreciated!



    hm not seeing a difference here (tested on chrome).

    i had a similar issue once, using futura. it turned out i had a corrupt version of the font installed, but it looked fine on all browsers except for chrome (i assume the other browsers were loading the non-corrupt system font).

    i doubt that’s exactly the problem you’re having, but it does seem to be system based. try testing it on another mac if you can.


    Thanks for the reply kgscott!

    Heres a quick grab off my mac:



    The only difference I can see is if you ‘inspect element’ in chrome you can see the supersized page has a css media class of “screen”.

    Not a clue what effect that would have!


    Hey Dfogge, thanks for the heads up. I also tested it just on my friends MAC, he’s is the 13″, whilst mine is the 15″ – both had the same outcome!


    ah weird. i’m definitely not seeing that bolding happening here though.

    good luck!


    iMac 27″ here shows bolding on both pages in FF, Safari, and Chrome

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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