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    Hi everyone,

    I am in the early stages of designing a site for my web design business. Before I go too far with this concept I wanted to get some honest feedback. This is the sixth revision of this concept and I am not quite sure I like it.

    I am going for a clean, simple, and light feel to the design. It will be responsive once coded.


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    Let me first say there’s NOTHING about that mockup that doesn’t look professional. It looks totally legit.

    That being said, it looks uber vanilla. It seems like everyone out there features a Mac product in some way. Designers feature a Macbook or iMac, app devs feature an iPhone, people who tout responsive design feature both + iPad.

    While sometimes it’s called for, I think you can do better. The technical execution is great, it just doesn’t stand out from the pack.

    If you decide to listen to nothing I just said, that’s totally fine. Just an opinion. And I’m sure you’ll get plenty of business! Again, it looks fine but I think you’re going for “HOLY S***!”

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    Thanks for the feedback @joe_temp.

    I agree that the design feels very “Vanilla”. I think I’m in a bit of a rut. Blurred backgrounds, Flat UI, Mac Products, etc are all overused in web design these days IMHO. I’m finding it difficult to innovate and move beyond trends.

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    The good thing about this business is ruts don’t last too long.

    All you need to do is bang out a few more mockups. You’ll get going in a promising direction soon.

    BTW, I DO NOT think you should change the flat UI. That is a departure from Web 2.0 that I am SOOOOOOOO happy about.

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    I don’t even think you need a super drastic change. I think you find one element that you LOOOOVE the look of and build around it.

    Just come up with one really innovative piece and build a site to compliment it.

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