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    Ok so the above code is what i’m trying to turn into a wp shortcode. The idea being the, the attrubutes i would need the user to be able to input each time the shortcode is implemented are, the

    anchor tag

    this image-link is the displayed in the “zoomarea”
    src image

    this image is the displayed thumbnail
    alt tag

    for that certain image

    i also need the user to input a title and content which falls next to the image.

    So if your still with me i need a shortcode which would look similar to this to the user when using it within post!

    [zoomGallery href="" src="" alt=""]

    Left title

    Mauris erat ligula, egestas a eleifend et, euismod ut erat. Nunc vehicula lorem eget dui pretium ornare.
    Aenean dui turpis, condimentum non porta a, malesuada eget sem. Suspendisse a leo sem, at laoreet est. In commodo ultricies turpis eu facilisis.

    thanks in advanced for your help…



    Read the Codex! If you still had problem, ask!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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