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    I have been googling the crap out of this for two hours without much luck. Here is what I need

    I have a tabbed content box with three tabs. I want to make three categories in the content box. One category for each tab. That way the user can make a post in wordpress to a specific category and have it automatically show up in the content box under that tab. This content box is on the homepage. I have been able to get the categories to show up, but it shows all of them no matter what category you post in. I want to show the category, title with permalink and the_excerpt() of the post made to that category. I am using this code to prevent the category from showing up in the homepage regualar posting area

    if (is_home()) {

    got any idea’s. This would make an excellent blog post or tutorial since there does not seem to be an easy to find solution online.

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    this little explanation helped me a lot.. … wordpress/

    You might have found it already though…

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    will simple pie split up the categories into 3 different categories and show them in the spot I want them to. Usually rss shows all the posts. I don’t want the entire post to show, I want the title and the_excerpt(). I don’t know if simple pie will do that.

    # March 28, 2009 at 7:46 pm
    < ?php query_posts('category_name=CATEGORY-SLUG&showposts=1'); ?>

    < ?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
    < ?php the_title(); ?>
    < ?php the_excerpt(); ?>
    < ?php endwhile; ?>

    Do that for each of the three categories?

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