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    Sorry to ask such an easy thing ( well i think ) but i’m all new in css, html and so on and
    don’t unterstand how to sort things out.

    I’m creating a website with dreamweaver, i’ve created a main.CSS file to apply special colors to
    text, borders and so on to every page i create.

    I’ve downloaded Lightbox 2.51 , managed to make it work on a single html page but i wanted
    to make it work for the whole website without having to put all three lines on each pages.

    i’ve searched all accross the web to find a procedure to put everything in my main.CSS file but
    it’s not working.

    Anyone would be able to help me please ?



    What is the main platform for this website? WordPress, Blogger, HTML/CSS?? Your main.css is only for style sheets, you need to add these references in a master page in a template based platform or a header.php if in a WordPress site.


    my idea is to brake your design in 3 parts: 1. the header, 2. body, 3. footer. you can include the js file in the footer. Don’t know if you worked with wordpress platform before, but i think is the best starting point for you. So in the end if you have a file called header.php and a file called footer.php in your index.php file you can include the 2 file using:

    After that will be the body of you page and after the body will be

    This is only a thought! Cheers.


    Hi guys, thanks for the replies. It’s worse than i tought as i don’t even know what you mean by main platform :-s . It’s really a first shot in a “start from scratch” environment as before i used Mediawiki but find it too straight and had strong problems at each software update with my layouts and the wiki sql database.
    I think i’m gonna read some books “for dummies” and then move on to the creation .

    thanks for your help tough.


    Perhaps if you made a template page for your site and put the 3 lines of code in the template head, then you would only have to do it once. It would automatically be in the head of any page you needed a lightbox in. It worked for me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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