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    Hello Everyone, first time posting.

    I’m hoping I can find a kind soul somewhere through here to help me with an SVG font issue I’m having.

    Here is the summary of what I’m trying to accomplish:

    My website generates an SVG texture and inserts it into a 3D scene.
    The SVG texture contains text that is defined by the user.
    The text is based on various fonts I allow the user to pick between.
    …my developer is able to handle all of the above…, here is where it gets tricky
    I need to add two visible strokes of different color to the font.
    How do I modify the SVG font code below to add strokes to the font?
    How do I control the color, width, and how the stroke handles corners and aligment to the outside edge of the font?
    If there is some magical unicorn our there that is able to help me with this, there is a nice preloaded Starbucks card coming your way! :)


    Created by FontForge 20180221 at Sun Jul 13 03:18:52 2003

    By convertio

    Copyright (c) James Arboghast/Sentinel Type, 2003. All rights reserved. This font is free and distributable. You may: a) use it free of charge for any personal or commercial purpose, b) email it to anybody, upload it to archive sites & bulletin boards and include it in CD & software collections free of charge provided the documentation is intact. c) make derivative works from it but GET MY PERMISSION FIRST: arboghast@… You may not: a) charge money for it, b) make derivative works from it, rename it or claim it as your own work without my permission. Don’t argue with me.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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