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    Hi everyone

    i have a PNG that has a dropshadow. the image uploads perfectly when i place it directly on the page:

    However problems occur when i try to upload it as a background image.;

    First it does not seem to load on this url . However, even when i did manage to upload it on another URL it dropped the shadow and only the black 960X 400px black box remained.

    I am not sure what to do; any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    warm regards


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    @andreea115, the second pen you had an extra /pageimages/ in your URL, it’s working now:

    Just out of curiosity, why don’t you just have a div with a black background and a box-shadow on the div?

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    You were using the wrong URL in the 2nd example:

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    hi guys

    so sorry for the mistake; i don’t know why i did not see it; thanks.
    thanks again to ChrisP for his advice. i am not sure how to use a box_shadow on a div. Is this a CSS3 or will this work on all browsers?

    i will google box-shadows now.

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    Here’s a pen

    Unfortunately, it’s not supported in IE until 9, but since it’s usually used cosmetically, if you’re ok without them showing up in IE8 and lower, it’ll be fine

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