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    this is the link to the page i’m working:

    The idea of this page is having a sliding panel which contains a sliding panel inside its panel, this for more than one panel.
    I found the AMAZING Organic Tabs on this site, and they were exactly what i needed, i had been using the spry sliding panel’s widget but couldn’t get the container to auto height on each content.

    After finding the organic tabs, i tried building it all with them but had complications aswell, so i decided to merge the two. Which has resulted in a very sexy looking success.

    I made the Spry Widget the main sliding panels and inside its panel’s i placed the Organic Tabs.
    the only problem i am having is with the menu, which works, it just has a little annoying bug.

    The menu is composed of two collapsible panels and another link under them styled just like the panel tabs. In the content of each collapsible panel there’s the OT Menus working beautifully. Each collapsible panel TAB is the MainSpryWidget buttons to change panel, so when you open the SECTION 2 Collapsible Panel ( click on the tab ) it slides to the second panel while the collapsible panel opens. Of course, the first OT panel is displayed by default, and here’s the problem. The OT panels seem to activate only if you click on the first of its navs, if you click first on its second or third or fourth button, it does a buggy slide animation without showing the content of the panel. Once you click on the first link, it displays its full content and you can navigate through all of its panels.

    I tried making the collapsible panel tab a < a > link with the href=#id so it “activated” the OT panel, but it does not work like that.

    Any idea on how to fix this???

    Please help me out,





    Instead of styling the collapsible menu tab, i made wrapped the text with the < a > and applied the styling to the a, with the go to panel function of the spry widget and the #id of the OT. IT WORKS!!

    The problem now is that the OT needs to have its first link/nav clicked for it to “activate” alltho the content of the first/default panel is displayed when we change the mainsliding panel ( spry ) to it, yet the OT is not active. So if you click directly on link #2 ( since you already read #1 because its the default displayed ) it just cuts the #1 default content and animates to almost closed and stays there, for all links, unless you click on the first link first

    how come??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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