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    I’m using the Imbalance theme for our site []( “”) and have stumbled upon a problem. I want to have all posts in main page linked to different address’ instead of the corresponding post and permalink. I tried to use a solution found here and provided by the user “The Doc”:

    using a custom field with the proper address but that takes only care of one of the links orpost. I have solved it temporarily with a html redirect but that isn’t as effective as it could be.

    I found a site using Imbalance that works like I want: []( “”)

    my original code in index.php


    < ?php echo "$thumbID"; ?>


    and here’s the solution provided by TheDoc:



    Question is how to solve if you have multiple (nine) post with nine different custom fields? I’m thinking of some sort of if-sentence but my knowledge is somewhat limited.

    Thanks in beforehand for any help on this! Please let me know if you need to whole index.php

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    Check out this Pen!

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    Solved: It was me not knowing exactly how the custom field worked. Obviously you should set one custom field and then at each post call for that custom field with a unique value set for each post. Thank you TheDoc for the solution provided.

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