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    Hello all,

    For years now I have been trying to wrap my mind around CSS and HTML but with no luck have I really understood it and how different things control this and that. I’m a designer by nature (so maybe this is the source of my problem) but I feel with perseverance I can learn it/understand it the same. I watch Chris’ tutorial videos and am amazed at how he seems to fully understand this stuff. He’s able to understand and fix problems on-the-fly and make really great designs integrate nicely to web standards. I guess my whole point is, who can point me in the right direction (to sites/books/tutorials) that will give me the discipline I need to really understand the "meat and potatoes" of the coding/back-end aspect of web design.

    I understand it takes time and practice and believe me I’ve been doing that but I still haven’t found many places that have been as helpful as this site. Unfortunately, as much as Chris tries to explain things in great detail for the beginner (and I’m not knocking him here) he sometimes tends to miss out on some little things that I think would really help me at least understand things. I feel I can follow him exactly in the tutorials but venturing on my own and trying to problem solve myself is horrible. So essentially, it limits my designs (which is frustrating).

    Well, I hope this makes sense to someone. LOL! I’ve already received some great help from this site/forum so I hope I can at least be pointed in some other directions.

    Thanks all!!


    The best way to learn is to do….ask questions, understand, and try to see why it worked out.

    so you could read / watch as many tuts, but they are not as good as trying to code yourself.

    so dude, anytime you got a problem, just fire a question in these here forums, and the community will try their best to help you understand


    Thanks, man!! I just read a topic regarding the opposite of my situation. Ha! Thanks for the response.


    the 2 things that has helped me understand coding for most browsers is:
    a strict doctype, and using borders in divs to see what is actually happening (then removing if need be)

    Rob MacKay

    I think the thing I had the hardest time figuring out was positioning and the differences between relative, fixed and absolute… but now its very clear…

    Yea you just have to keep plodding away – make a site design and try and code it into a working site. Throw questions up here and we will help you do it.

    Ninja Clone

    I think it’s no problem to learn CSS and, in my opinion, it’s much more easier then, for example Javascript.
    May be you should try some training videos, I’ve heard this guys give nice basics about all this things.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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